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Palo Verde Animal Hospital Staff - Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Ross Babcock

Our TeamDr. Babcock is a 1967 graduate of Colorado State University. He was raised in the Phoenix area and has been very active in the community for over 35 years. He has more than 35 years of experience treating birds and raising parrots. He has devoted most of his free time to organizations such as the Phoenix Lions Club as well as serving as a Boy Scout Leader. Dr. Babcock's special areas of interest are avian, reptile and primate medicine.

Dr. Anna Krumins

Dr. Anna Krumins - Palo Verde Animal Hospital - Phoenix, AZDr. Krumins comes to the practice via Indiana and Virginia. She is a graduate from the University of Notre Dame (B.A.) and Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine (DVM ’14) after which she practiced at a reproductively focused clinic in northern Virginia. Dr. Krumins’s areas of interest are soft tissue surgery, pediatrics, and dentistry. In her free time she enjoys exploring Arizona, hiking, skiing, and traveling. She has owned a parakeet, ferret, hamster, newts, and dogs.

Chris, CVT, Practice Manager

Chris, CVT, Practice Manager - Palo Verde Animal Hospital - Phoenix, AZChris joined Palo Verde Animal Hospital in March of 1997. She graduated from Long Medical Institute in 1995 and was certified as a veterinary technician in 1998. Chris has always loved animals. It is only appropriate that she ended up in the veterinary field. She has 3 dogs, a Sharpei "Skye," a Miniature Pinscher "Spirit", and a Golden Retriever "Ocean." Chris also has a cat, "Buddha Butters" (Boo) and a blue fronted Amazon "Bud." In her free time she likes to hike, swim, and mountain bike. Chris has recently acquired a taste for gardening and loves to mess around in her small backyard garden.

Anna, Veterinary Technician

Anna, Veterinary Technician - Palo Verde Animal Hospital - Phoenix, AZAnna has been a part of the Palo Verde family since June 2012. She moved to the United States after living in Europe for 16 years. As a dance major from Columbia College, she danced professionally with the Boston Ballet and the Mannheim Dance Company but her passion has always been for animals. She aspires to become a veterinarian and loves to work with the doctors and staff at Palo Verde Animal Hospital. Anna has a beautiful 4 year old son that enjoys the outdoors, swimming and reading. She also has 5 dogs, a Great Dane "Pluto," a German Shepard "Sasha," a Pitbull "Naomi," a Cocker Spaniel "Kubus" and a King Charles "Jose."

Maritza, Veterinary Technician

maritzaMaritza recently joined the Palo Verde Team in July 2015. She graduated from Pima Medical
Institute in January of 2016 with a degree in Veterinary Technology, and is working towards becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. Maritza currently has to boys a chihuahua named "Chico" and a Jack Russell terrier mix named "Napolean".

Kari, Animal Caretaker

Kari, Animal Caretaker - Palo Verde Animal Hospital - Phoenix, AZKari has been with Palo Verde Animal Hospital since December 2002. Her interests are animals, tandem bicycle riding, reading, camping and eating chocolate. Kari is an Air Force Brat and has traveled around quite a bit. Her family moved to Glendale in 1983 and she graduated with her twin sister from Moon Valley High School in 1985. She prefers the company of animals over people, which makes this the perfect occupation for Kari.

Alex, Animal Caretaker

alexAlex joined Palo Verde Animal Hospital in 2016. She has always loved animals and loves working in the veterinary field. Alex is also working towards her nursing degree. She has 2 dogs "Max" & "Daisy". In her time at Palo Verde has rescued 2 injured patients from our clinic, a sparrow "Kiwi" and a red-eared slider "Fiona" When Alex is not working or in school she likes hiking, camping, spending time with her family, exploring new places and food. ​

Adela, Animal Caretaker

adelaAdela joined the Palo Verde Animal Hospital staff in May of 2016. She is currently attending Carrington College to become a certified Veterinary Assistant. Adela has always had a passion to work with, care for and help animals. She was a cheerleader for six years. Along with cheering on the sidelines, she likes to hike, draw or hangout with her animals. She has five dogs, all miniature poodles, "Marley", "Cookie", " Cinnamon", "Sammy" and "Shayla".

Stephanie, Client Relations Supervisor

Stephanie, Client Relations Supervisor - Palo Verde Animal Hospital - Phoenix, AZStephanie worked for PVAH for several years but left in 2008. She returned in December of 2012 and has stated that she will never leave again. She has found Palo Verde to be the best veterinary practice not only to work for, but also to bring your fur babies for quality care (her words). Stephanie has a Rottweiller, "Caboose" and two cats "Maynard" and "Oliver."

Victoria, Outpatient Nurse Supervisor

Victoria, Veterinary Assistant - Palo Verde Animal Hospital - Phoenix, AZVictoria started at Palo Verde in January 2015. She has been working with animals for a majority of her life. From insects to herd animals, she has worked with over 300 species in the span of 14 years. She is continuing her education, and would like to spend the rest of her life working to gain new knowledge. Victoria’s miniature zoo includes, a Labrador-pitt/Heeler mix who answers to “Masquerade;” 2 Manx cat mixes, “Riot” and “Anubis;” 2 children, Lily, with her Molly "Funky Fish", her Pleco "Shark' and a butterfly named “Red,” and James with his bearded dragon “Homer.” Victoria also has a zen garden surrounded by fish.

Melanie, Outpatient Nurse

Victoria, Veterinary Assistant - Palo Verde Animal Hospital - Phoenix, AZMelanie joined Palo Verde in July 2016. She has lived in Phoenix for the majority of her life, and has always loved animals. Melanie has been working with Horses, dogs, and cats for years in a variety of fields, finding her passion in the veterinary field in 2014. She is currently working toward an associate’s degree in veterinary technology with Penn Foster College. Melanie shares her home with her partner of 14 years, Chuck, and their three dogs: Mama, an 11 year old Dalmatian, Lacy, a 7 year old Shar-Pei mix, and George, a 10 year old Pit Bull.

Elisa, CVT

Elisa, CVT, Outpatient Nurse Supervisor - Palo Verde Animal Hospital - Phoenix, AZElisa was employed with Palo Verde for the first time in May 1997. She graduated from Long Medical Institute in 1998 and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in June of 2000. Elisa left PVAH a few times to care for her family. However, she always finds her way back. She has been married to her best friend since 1998 and has known him since they were in the 4th grade. They have 3 sons, Jacob, Axel, and Christopher. Christopher, the eldest, is a boy scout in Pack 41 which Dr. Babcock has been associated with for generations. Elisa has loved animals her entire life and although she cannot picture herself not being in the veterinary field, she is pursuing a career as a registered nurse and hopes to work with diabetic patients. Elisa currently has 2 dogs, "Moonpi," whom she rescued on one of her trips into the village of Supai with the Palo Verde team. She has a Chihuahua mix, "Alex" whom she inherited from a family member. She also has 4 cats, Koi fish, and 2 turtles. Elisa is currently working on a garden, and would like to add chickens and goats to her family.

Jaque, Client Service Relations

Elisa, CVT, Outpatient Nurse Supervisor - Palo Verde Animal Hospital - Phoenix, AZJaque joined Palo Verde Animal Hospital in June 2014 and has been in the Veterinary field for 5 years now. She is married with 4 kids ages 12 to 3 years old. They have a 2 1/2 years old, Olde English Bulldog by the name of "Lambeau". Previously, she had beautiful Pit Bull by the name of "Hoochie" (pictured). At 10 years old, she recently passed away. She loves music and loves, loves, loves football, so much that her youngest son's middle name is Aaron Rodgers. Her favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. Jaque also loves all animals, especially wildlife such as white tigers, lions, owls and sea creatures like sharks, whales and sea turtles.