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Bees In The Southwest Desert

beeThe vast majority of honey bees in the Southwest Desert are the dangerous African strain. African strain bees require long growing a long season and don’t survive in cold climates. They do well in Phoenix but not in most of the US.

Unlike the Italian strain of years past, when an African strain hive is disturbed, large numbers of bees attack at once. The Italian strain bees only have a few guard bees that attack when the hive is disturbed. That results in only in a few stings. When an African strain hive is disturbed, thousands of bees may attack simultaneously. That can result in many stings. We have had one pet die from too many stings of bees from an African strain colony. People are at risk of death at approximately 100 stings and should seek emergency medical care even before feeling ill. Your pet, likewise, should seek emergency care with a large number of stings. A single bee sting can cause death if your pet is allergic to bees. The large numbers of bee stings may cause death by poisoning even if your pet is not allergic to bees. If your pet is known to be allergic to bees, a single sting warrants emergency care. With a large number of stings, your pet needs emergency care even if it is not allergic to bees.

As a side note, bees don’t attack when they are on flowers and gathering food and water unless you accidently trap them. Please note as well that on casual observance the Africanized bees can’t be distinguished from the Italian honey bees.

In the desert cities of the Southwest, African bees are a true risk and a person should give honey bees a new respect.

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